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Welcome to your new life. Living in Barcelona.

Because we want to give you the best welcome, in this section we provide basic information about their new hometownto live in Barcelona.

  • Culture
    Living in Barcelona is to live in an area of exceptional climate, on the banks of Mediterrráneo, in an open, cheerful, modern and above all, very fashionable culture.
  • Inhabitants and dimensions
    Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, has 1,600,000 inhabitants and 100km2 surface. Its metropolitan area population of 3,200,000 total inhabitants in 585 km2, the total foreign population of 15%. Barcelona is a city where everything is close, which is very convenient when traveling, getting to anywhere in 30 m.
  • Featured neighborhoods and populations
    Living in Barcelona is a dream that can come true in any of their unique neighborhoods, among them the uptown as Pedralbes. There are also nearby towns high standard of living as Sant Just and Sant Cugat.
  • Climate of living in Barcelona
    Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters, with average temperatures of 9 in winter, 14 in spring, 24 in summer and 17 in autumn. The maximum rainfall is 60 days per year.
  • Contacts and adresses
    In the "important information" on our offer information and contact data most important city, with general information, children, personal, leisure and home. Get the Essential Information section to live in Barcelona.