A more human real estate blog

We are in love with our city, Barcelona. We are passionate about our work: excellence in the real estate sector.


After 25 years on the rollercoaster estate, surfing among the waves of the crisis of 1992, climbing Everest in the first years of the 21st century and living the perfect storm in 2007, this year 2.017, the year of the silver wedding anniversary Our company, we created the blog of MONIKA RÜSCH.

Our goal is not to sell more, nor capture more floors, nor gain brand awareness or leads. Neither do we claim to be influencers.


We are people, at the service of people and we propose a relationship of proximity and closeness. In the present moment of dehumanization of this liquid society in which we find ourselves, we have forgotten the essence of human relations. We need to think, reflect, feel, hope, smile, laugh, die of laughter, ultimately, feel alive …

We created this blog with the following sections:

  • Histories of Barcelona – We want to reveal to the citizens of Barcelona, ​​as well as the new arrivals, corners of Barcelona unknown by many people; The hidden or unknown Barcelona, ​​explaining stories of buildings, people, ruins … giving a personal approach, sepia color, so that those who want to venture to know those places will be transported in time.


  • Living in Barcelona – Designed for people who want to live in one of the best cities in the world, Barcelona, ​​and do not know the neighborhoods or services. Here we present videos and give information of each neighborhood.


  • Architecture & Decoration – In this section we show you spectacular homes, both our portfolio of houses and the architectural and decorative trends of housing.


  • Testimonials & Charles with MR – We will show experiences of our clients and owners throughout the process of renting, buying and selling houses.


  • Legal and tax information – We advise on the tax repercussions in the sale, purchase and rent of a house.


  • MR in the press – We show ads, publications and articles that our company carries out in different media.


  • News – News of the real estate sector, evolution and market studies, trends of the sector.


We are going to write this blog with the best intention and with topics of interest of all kinds. We hope you have the same desire to read that we write because we are going to tell you many things that you will love. With us you will discover everything and more. So, we can only tell you, read us soon!