Navidad 2017

Christmas decoration

The cold arrives, the winter and with it also Christmas arrives! We started to see the lights in the streets, the decorations in the squares and the shops, we started to listen to Christmas carols in every corner and we want the Christmas air to breathe in our houses too. The best way to start is decorating the house with Christmas things and this is why today we bring you 5 Christmas decoration ideas for any home.

1. The tree. One of the most typical and important things that give a Christmas touch to any home is the Christmas tree. There are many types of trees; artificial, natural, snowy, green, white, golden, etc. But in addition, it is very important to take into account the decoration of the tree since it is what will give personality to the decoration. There are many shops where you can find Christmas trees, such as the Corte Inglés, Ikea o Flores Navarro.

2. Cushions and Blankets. A house can not seem cold at Christmas and that is why we should take advantage of blankets and rugs to give a warm and cozy touch to both the living room and the bedrooms. In addition, with textures, colors and even cushions, we can give a Christmas color to our home taking advantage of the charm of Christmas. We can find very nice cushions and ideal blankets in ZaraHome, for exemple.

3. Lights&Candles. To get a warm and cozy atmosphere there is nothing better than candles or Christmas lights. They are ideal to decorate and give a Christmas look to the home. You can find candles and lights in stores like Maison Du Monde o Ikea.


4. Doors decoration. As we all know, at Christmas the crowns are placed on the doors of the house and another type of decoration. The crowns on the doors give an air of Christmas and are seen above all outside; for when people come to your house to celebrate Christmas or even when the neighbors pass by the front door. You can find different types in Zara Home i Flores Navarro.

5. Christmas socks. We see them in all the Hollywood movies, the typical Christmas socks hanging in the fireplace for Santa to leave us the presents. They are a beautiful decoration and you can hang anywhere in the room that will be great. We recommend some places to buy them as the Corte Inglés o Westwing.

What do you think of our proposals? Is there something that you think there should be and what we leave? You can leave us in the comments. We hope you enjoyed our post and we want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!