How to renovate your home with home staging techniques

For these days that we are at home, here are some decorating tips to feel more comfortable in your home

The confinement applied in our country is forcing the vast majority of citizens to spend many hours within the four walls of their home. A situation that, despite its indisputable need as a way of collective responsibility, can produce feelings of anxiety in a closed space. But these days of recollection are also an opportunity to spend time improving the decoration of your home, an effort that will result in an improvement in your levels of comfort, satisfaction and happiness.


Our trick

In real estate, when it comes to selling a flat or house, we usually apply home staging techniques. A way of decoration that consists in giving the interior of a house or apartment the most welcoming and attractive aspect possible, to be  more welcoming, and helps potential buyers to picture their life in it. But some of these home decoration techniques can be adapted to your own apartment, with very positive results


Home staging solutions to live

The main difference between home staging and the decoration of your home is that home staging seeks a total depersonalization of the space. Obviously, it is sought that pleases the greatest number of people, while in your home you will want to express your personality. There is, however, a line known as home staging to live that uses some of its techniques to create a more welcoming environment in your home, including some customization. And what is better: many of their actions can be carried out without having to leave the house to buy materials.

The first step is very simple and perfect for days when we spend many hours at home. It is about fixing all the small flaws we have at home. We can fix a leaky faucet if we have the basic tools to get it, repaint the small flaws, or change those bulbs that have been burnt for weeks.

Once we have improved this entire list of pending, it is time to start thinking about improving the decoration of your home. And one of the primordial aspects to consider is that of light. And to achieve this, it is not necessary, far from it, to change all the house lamps.

Steps as simple as opening blinds and curtains to take advantage of all the sunlight possible every day, or reorienting those lamps that we have to reinforce the darkest points of the home can help create a much warmer and more cozy environment.


Order and minimalism to improve your home

Routines are everything to improve your home and also your mood. Therefore, take time to clean and tidy up your apartment or house every day. If you get used to doing it every day, in the end it will not be an effort and your mood will notice it, since you will achieve a much more welcoming home.

With home staging we seek that the image of the houses and flats is spotless. You can also get it in yours using the large number of tips for order and cleanliness that you will find online, from the very popular Marie Kondo to a large number of advisers on home maintenance.

To get a tidy house, however, one of the keys is to opt for a certain minimalism: get rid of all that is superfluous, and do not fill the rooms with furniture, photographs and other elements of decoration. It is not necessary that you get to the depersonalization of home staging (although it can be a style that also connects with your tastes), but applying the maximum of less is more when it comes to improving the decoration of your home.

But, once this is achieved, do not forget that it will be the details that will make the difference. Try to create pleasant points that attract attention and make the space more welcoming, from a center of fresh fruit to that aromatic candle that you had hidden in a corner.


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