Decoración primavera

Spring decoration for your home

Spring is coming and many times we want to renovate our home but we do not know how to do it. Therefore, today we will give you some ideas of spring decoration for your living room.

Spring is the most colourful, happy and beautiful season of the year and that is why we must take advantage of the colours of this time and its own characteristics such as flowers and plants that always go well to give colour and freshness to a home.

You have to take into account the typical colours of spring to be able to hit the decoration. In this season the pastel colours are perfect, as well as intense, cheerful and striking colours.

Yellow is a typical spring colour that is great for decorating any corner and also, there are different shades of yellow to play with good combinations and depending on the light of each room. The same goes for the green colour. They are two ideal colours for a spring decoration.

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Another ideal colour for both spring and the other seasons of the year is white. It is a neutral colour that is great both in winter and summer and allows us to redecorate our home every season with much more ease because only with small changes such as cushions, carpets and curtains, the space changes a lot. Even placing different colourful boxes can change a lot.

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A great option of decoration that fits perfectly with the season are the white trays with seasonal fruits placed on a table. In spring there are very colourful fruits like for example; the strawberries, the oranges or the lemons, and if we make a good combination of colours they can be ideal. Also, if you change the table runners and put some colourful or floral prints, they will give a spring touch to the table.

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But in addition to fruits, a great option is the decoration with plants and flowers. At this time of year is when there are more colourful flowers and just by changing some flowers by others of another colour, you will get a different touch to the space. You can play with large plants very green or even with some fruit if you have space or pretty and colourful vases to put in a corner and give a spring air.


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So, you know! You can get a spring touch in any home by changing small decorative items and giving the touch of colour you need for this time of the year. We invite you all to try some of these changes and tell us how it has been.


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