The best service to rent and sell your apartment, also during the confinement of Covid-19

At Monika Rüsch we reinvent ourselves and we work telematically to find tenants and buyers of new properties for rent and sale making use of the opportunities of digital tools.

The health crisis we are experiencing as a result of Covid-19 is a call to collective responsibility for all. That’s why, at Monika Rüsch we have closed our offices until further notice, although our advisors and agents are currently working from home, and we encourage all our clients, owners and society in general to follow our example and stay home.

But, at the same time, we are also concerned to continue working to give dynamism to our economy, continue to generate value, and offer the best service to our clients. For this reason, we have reinvented ourselves to be available to all those who wish, also at this time, to sell or rent their apartment.


Real estate care without leaving your home to rent and sell your apartment

It’s evident that in these quarantine days, many aspects of our lives have been forced to stop. As for example the plans of a lot of families that want to rent or sell their apartment or house. That’s why from Monika Rüsch we are doubling efforts to give way to many of these plans, offering a quality service and, above all, respecting to the maximum the measures of sanitary protection and confinement.

Both of our service pone number 93 204 55 20 as the form on our website are open to all those people who wish to offer their property these days, both with the aim of renting or selling your apartment. Our commercial advisers will then analyze the offer and contact the owner by phone.

Apart from gathering all the necessary information about the property, we will also offer advice on the rental and sale price thanks to our knowledge of the market and the different neighborhoods of Barcelona. Besides, we will ask the owner to send us by email some pictures of the property, on which we will also give some advice.


We multiply efforts in online dissemination

With all this information, we will create a complete file of the property that all tenants or potential buyers can comfortably consult from their home, making a complete idea of ​​the apartment for rent or for sale that we offer. All properties, in addition, will be promoted on the main real estate portals as featured properties, where we have increased our investment during the confinement by the Covi-19, which will provide more potential clients by being published in the first positions of those portals.

Monika Rüsch has also multiplied efforts in digital advertising, so the properties we have for rent or for sale during that period will also be disseminated in a powerful online campaign with visibility in the main online media in Catalonia and Spain, such as El País, La VanguardiaEl Economista, El Confidencial … With this, we make sure that those who want to rent or sell their apartment reach more people at a time when we are all increasing our consumption of internet and online information sources.

During the entire period, in addition, our agents will be available in their emails and phones to attend calls from potential interested parties and to be able to advance for future visits, once we return to normality.

Although at Monika Rüsch personal treatment is one of the most outstanding parts of our work, at this time of difficulties we believe that it is more important to privilege our service to customers and the local economy, always in a way that is 100 percent online and secure for workers and clients.


If you are considering in renting an apartment or selling a property, ask us today about everything we can do for your property, also during the quarantine period. Contact us and we will inform you of everything