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The Boquería Market of Barcelona

Welcome to the Boquería Market. The Boquería Market will awake your senses!

The Boquería market is located on Las Ramblas, one of the most emblematic streets of Barcelona, ​​also known as the Rambla de las Flores or the Rambla de los Pajaritos, since in the past the whole street was full of sellers of flowers and birds .

The Boquería market is an experience for the senses; Your sight, smell and taste will not be immune to this experience. We are sure that you have never seen a market like this! Here you will find all the foods of the Mediterranean diet culture.

This wonderful market opens every day (except on Sundays) and one of the reasons why it has earned its space in the list of sites that we should visit in Barcelona is the great variety of fresh food on offer.


The most impressive stops are those of fish and seafood; Fresh fish that, a few hours before being in the market, was swimming in the Mediterranean. We found all kinds of fish; Monkfish, hake, sole, octopus, sea bass, dorada …

The culture of eating seafood is very established in Catalonia, especially in family celebrations. In spite of being an expensive product, its sea flavor compensates the price. Here we can find live crabs, live lobsters, oysters, mussels, prawns …


But one of the most appreciated delights is the Percebes! If you want to feel the taste of the sea in your mouth you must try them. Its high price is due to the difficulty of catching them from the rocks. They come mainly from Galicia, and collect them on the rocks, where the waves of the sea break strongly against them. The Percebeiros (the people who catch them) have to enter the rocks and go out the barnacles one by one watching that the blows of the waves of the sea are not carried ahead.

We also find innumerable restaurants where they cook fresh food from market stalls. You can not miss an unforgettable meal or some of the “tapas” in one of them.






The colorful parades of fruit, perfectly organized, the meat, that only see it makes you mouth water, olives and pickles, sausages, the typical JAMON SERRANO, fuet, all kinds of cheeses, … make this visit a must if you come to visit The city of Barcelona.


So, remember, do not forget to stop by the Boqueria Market, so well known in Barcelona! If you’ve liked it, ¡visit our Facebook and do not forget to read our next post!

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