The hypocrisy of diplomacy

A few weeks ago I had dinner with some former classmates from my university.

While we were having dinner one of them was explaining that he had bought a flat and was going to restore it, that he had jumped past the estate agent so as not to pay fees, that he had requested several projects from architects and decorators and that he was finally going to keep his ideas and do it himself to save money.

His words did not surprise me as I knew him well, but what did surprise me was the reaction of the others: Very clever! How good! I will do the same!

How far we have come! – I said. – Do you know what happens in this country, this society in which we live? That being a bad person comes free!

Do not get like that – they told me – you are always so revolutionary.

Yes, I am angry, and with all the reason in the world. Would you like to not be paid at the end of the month without reason? Would you consider it fair? Is the work of the architect, decorator or estate agent worthless. Well that is what you are saying by applauding, this way of acting, justify the unjustifiable. This is not right!

A society in which these things happen and people instead of saying clearly what they think, applaud and imitate it, it is a dirty society.

We are all very diplomatic but diplomacy does not prevent SAYING WHAT YOU THINK, even if it leads to confrontation. We fear confrontation, we fear disagreeing with the opinion of the majority for fear of being marginalized if not accepted or even expelled.

It is what I call the hypocrisy of diplomacy. Try it and if by thinking differently they marginalize you or expel you, it is that they were not worth it.

We can change the world; we can change the behavior of people who act badly.

If a person acts badly and I tell him, he will think; YOU ARE CRAZY, if you tell him the same five minutes later he will think; He does not have any idea. But if we all tell him, maybe he may just change his attitude and stop acting like that. Your silence implies your impunity.

**With your boss be hypocritical until you find a new job, then you can tell him what you think.

Thanks for reading