Sant Jordi Monika Rusch Barcelona

The magic of Sant Jordi´s day

Sant Jordi gives us the opportunity to reconcile with ourselves, 

With the people we love and with the people we have failed and also, why not, with whom have failed us.

A rose a book or a simple call. We have the perfect excuse to remind loved ones that we love them, that they can count on us, and that we have not forgotten them.

I still remember when I was a teenager, that Sant Jordi day was a day full of magic.

I’ve always been a romantic, and as Jordi is my name, on my saint’s day, I bought lots of roses for all the women in my family, my girlfriend and my friends.

It was a way to reconcile with loved ones, whom I had not seen for a long time, to show my love for them.

So prepare yourself for this Sant Jordi to be special: make the list of the people you want and with whom you want to reconcile, or send them this link (click on the image), so they know they are in your hearts ….

Happy Sant Jordi.

Monika Rüsch

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