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Visiting the Tibidabo mountain

Welcome back to the Tibidabo and to the city of Barcelona!

Today we are visiting the wonderful Tibidabo mountain, 512 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the Collserola mountain range. I always take at the faces of people who come here for the first time; As they approach the balustrade of the lookout, their facial expression changes, to end a great inspiration of air and a huge smile.
From here we can appreciate the wonderful views of the city with the sea in the background.

Coming to Tibidabo is an ideal excursion to spend with all the family. It combines culture, history and fun for the little ones.

The amusement park has a “romantic” flavor that just entering invites you to relax and transport you to times not so far away…

Tibidabo Barcelona

For the elders of the family

Barcelona Collserola

For the elders of the family we recommend visiting The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1886) and climb at the foot of the statue of Jesus. The “corcovado” of Barcelona (very similar to that of Rio de Janeiro), blesses the whole city with his open arms.
For them it is also very interesting to visit the Museum of Automatons, one of the most important automaton museums in the world, which makes it a world reference.

For teenagers

Barco Pirata Tibidabo

Teenagers will enjoy speed on the roller coaster, fast train, pirate ship or hurricane.

For the little ones

Tren Tibidabo

For the little ones, the park offers fun and safe attractions like mirrors that deform you, the Ferris wheel, the carousel, the logs on the water and many more!

And for all the family…

Sillas Voladoras Tibidabo

· The Airplane of the Tibidabo – (1928) that is an exact replica of the first commercial airplane that made the passage Barcelona – Madrid.
· La Atalaya – (1921), the Atalaya allows you to enjoy the best views of Barcelona at 550 meters above sea level. From it you can see the snowy Pyrenees, and even, in very clear days, the island of Mallorca.

To Tibidabo mountain we can access by bus, and by funicular from Tibidabo Avenue. If you want to spend unforgettable hours with the whole family do not hesitate to visit this wonderful place.

Collserola Barcelona

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