La virtud de algunos genios:

The virtue of some geniuses

A few days ago I was in the office and I asked my colleagues to pause; I wanted to raise a reflection on the virtue of some geniuses.

– Who discovered America? – Christopher Columbus answered everyone ….

And why is it called America? You can google it if you want … By Américo Vespucio, who really came first to the Continent.
Everyone was clear that Columbus was the discoverer ….

– Who discovered the radio? – Marconi, answered a girl.
– Who discovered the radio slings? – after google it I was told it was Nicola Tesla.

Marconi copied Tesla. You know that Tesla (who say that he had Asperger’s Syndrome) when he was asked if he did not care if they copied his ideas answered:
– I do not worry about copying my ideas, what really worries me is that they do not have them …. (a great answer….)

– Do you know who is considered the smartest man in the world? – I asked for.
Einstein! – they answered.
– And you know what Einstein answered when they asked him; What does it feel like to be the smartest man in the world? (by the way, they say that Einstein was also Asperger). After several minutes of searching, their surprised faces told me that we were on the right track … .. Their response was:
– Ask Tesla. (Einstein was saying that he was not considered the smartest in the world).

What would you stand out about Tesla and Einstein? … His humility! They were real geniuses! The world we live would be totally different without them, we would not have light, radio, internet …. They were brilliant, they could have “intellectually trampled on anyone …” but they were humble!

We can be cracks in what we do, and convert that ability to teach others and help them, or to go “beyond” and become a despots.

All of us have the obligation as human beings to practice humility, it is a virtue that will help us to empathize with other people and to have leadership capacity.