Cómo alquilar mi piso de forma segura

How to rent my apartment safely

At Monika Rüsch we help you rent your house or apartment safely to 100% selected and guaranteed tenants by putting ourselves in your shoes and thinking: “If the apartment were mine… Would I rent it to this person? In addition, we take care of everything and value your property for FREE. With complete confidence.

The security of the best guarantee Monika Rüsch

Putting an apartment up for rent safely involves following several steps to minimize risks and ensure that the transaction is safe for both the owner and the tenant. The advantages of renting with a rental agency like Monika Rusch are the best guarantees.

In this link you have the steps to follow to rent an apartment safely .

Cómo alquilar mi piso de forma segura

Cómo alquilar mi piso de forma segura

At what price?

At Monika Rúsch we have real and reliable data on rental prices in your area to determine a competitive and fair price, taking into account the size of the apartment, its location and the amenities included.

The safety of checking a tenant’s background

We perform a thorough background check on the potential tenant, which may include checking their credit history, employment references, and previous rental references. This is a great guarantee of security and helps evaluate his ability to pay the rent and his history as a tenant.

Monika Rüsch becomes the depositary of the reservation amount – if the offer is accepted by the property, it can be transferred to the owner to formalize the rental contract. In the event that the conditions are not accepted by the owner, Monika Rüsch will refund the reservation amount.

Monika Rüsch also offers to take care of the rental administration of your home. This includes processing all incidents that the tenant has; a study of the problem, the detection of causes and imputability of the same and the solution of the incidents.