How to put my apartment for rent with guarantees

Placing an apartment for rent with guarantees involves following several steps to minimize risks and ensure that the transaction is safe for both the owner and the tenant. The advantages of renting with a rental agency like Monika Rusch are the best guarantees . These are some of our tips to put your apartment for rent with guarantees.

Floor preparation

Make sure the apartment is in good condition before renting it out. Make any necessary repairs and ensure it is clean and well presented.

Determine the rental price

At Monika Rúsch we have real and reliable data on rental prices in your area to determine a competitive and fair price, taking into account the size of the apartment, its location and the amenities included.

Cómo poner mi piso en alquiler con garantías

How to put my apartment for rent with guarantees

Legal documentation

We prepare a detailed rental agreement that specifies the terms and conditions of the rental, including the duration of the agreement, the amount of rent, the responsibilities of the tenant and the owner, and any other relevant clauses. Our experience in real estate law is the best guarantee.

Tenant background check

We perform a thorough background check on the potential tenant, which may include checking their credit history, employment references, and previous rental references. This is a great guarantee and helps evaluate his ability to pay the rent and his history as a tenant.

Monika Rüsch becomes the depositary of the reservation amount – if the offer is accepted by the property, it can be transferred to the owner to formalize the rental contract. In the event that the conditions are not accepted by the owner, Monika Rüsch will refund the reservation amount.

Monika Rüsch also offers to take care of the rental administration of your home. This includes processing all incidents that the tenant has; a study of the problem, the detection of causes and imputability of the same and the solution of the incidents.

To provide the housing management service we will need:

– Contact information for the insurance company.

– Tenant contact information and copy of the rental contract.

– Invoice for the last boiler inspection (carried out during the month prior to the tenant’s arrival).

– Invoice for the last inspection of the air conditioning (carried out during the month prior to the tenant’s arrival).

By following these steps, and having an agency with 30 years of experience like Monika Rusch, you can put your apartment for rent with guarantees and minimize the risks associated with this transaction. Remember that it is always advisable to seek appropriate legal and financial advice to ensure you comply with all applicable laws and regulations in your area.

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